The car accident insurance company keeps calling me, what do I do?

The car accident insurance company keeps calling me, what do I do?


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Another question I get is the insurance company keep calling me and they want me to settle my case what should I do? Now, right off the bat you have to realize no matter how nice that insurance adjuster is, that agent is, they’ve been highly trained to ultimate do one thing at the end of that conversation. And that’s to save their insurance company money, which means that they want to pay out as little as possible toward your claim and toward your care as they have to. They have a few shared responsibilities to their shareholders. They don’t not have the responsibility to you. So this is what we recommend for people who are getting calls from insurance carrier, that it’s critical that you see one of the Safe Care Docs and you have a full evaluation. Like I said in the other podcast it’s extremely important to identify specifically what injury was caused by the accident and then once you identify the injury from the accident, it’s your rate on one level severity. So that’s how the insurance works. This insurance works on depending on what the injury is, depending on the factors of the accident, they quantify your case. You know the agents have been trained, highly trained on the phone with you to be extremely polite to almost build a reporter friendship with you. And they use minimizing words. So instead of sharpest reshooting pain, they may use words like discomfort through the arm or the neck and using these little techniques and a twenty or thirty minute phone call they can almost convince, almost anybody that the injury is much less significant than it may be and I’m not saying that this is the case in all of them; this is part of how the training works. When the insurance carrier calls you, they record these conversations and then they can lead you down because they’ve been trained to do nothing but this. And you’re just responding to an accident. You’re having an emotional response, you’re having a pain response and most people who do these calls with the insurance carrier also don’t want to make it feel, make the insurance carrier feel like they’re trying to scam the system or that they’re in this for money. So the insurance carriers can, or the insurance agents can sometimes use that to their advantage to help you minimize what the impact of this accident was. And then get you ultimate to sign off early and signing off early means basically that you’re saying that you no longer going to take a couple hundred dollars a couple thousand dollars upfront and then we have all of your insurance benefits or waive any liability for any future pain and suffering down the road. Now the pain and suffering is obviously something that you want to deal with an attorney. That’s the route you want to go but what we’ve seen patients in as early as two weeks into treatment, the insurance agent or the insurance specialist calls them and gets into these conversations within three, four, five, six, seven conversations and builds a friendship and then basic convinces them to no longer get treatment; to sign a waiver a medical waiver and basically cuts them off. And we see these patients about a month or two later and they’re right back to square one. It’s a mistake. It’s something that most patients regret after they’ve done it.

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