How Do I deal with the stress of an Injury

Stress after a car accident injury


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One of the most common questions i get asked is that I am so stressed that after my accident, What do I do about that or is that normal? And of course if you have been in an accident yes getting stressed is normal feeling, stress is natural mechanism of the brain that protect you, it get you out of a harms way, it moves you in action, so yes if you’ve been in a car accident and you feel stressed out then its normal, that’s part of the process of healing that you going through accident, and there is different types of stress. There is physical stress which are things physically happens to you like from the car accident. There is chemical stress which in the car accident is a hormonal response, there is a stress hormone which is called CORTISOL which rises very quickly after a car accident and then there is emotional stress, that’s the fear or anxiety that comes along with being in a car accident. Now, all three of them need to be kind of handle and these all three need to be come down to normal if you want a functional after the accident. a lot of accident people that we see can hold on to that fear for months and even in year after the car accident and of that the case you want to dealt early , so the early detection again that is better. A lot of things come out there after a car accident , so many people come to you after the car accident for attorneys or financial problems sometimes you can’t go back to work, sometimes your car is going to be a lot more expensive than you thought affects the insurance doesn’t covers, so all this adds to that stress. The quickest way we found out to deal with the stress working with someone who is an expert in car accidents. Now that doesn’t need to be attorney , lot of time your doctor since we work so close with patients who have been in a car accidents, we get to know about the case, we get to know all about the scenario that bled up to that. And just that whole process of sharing that with somebody seems kind of disappear a lot than a emotional stress that comes with this. The financial side of things is whether the insurance is gonna cover your care , is gonna cover your car or you will lose wages because of work , it’s also helpful to walk through all that with someone who’s done may be hundred or thousands of times , so it kind a let you see this from a bird’s eye perspective about what the end of this would look like instead of being so caught up stress of the situation and not really knowing what’s really gonna happen next. It’s probably one of the most powerful things we do at SAFE CARE DOCS is give people the ability to see what in next three months, six months and next year look like, so that a lot less on certainty of lives and that seems to calm most people down and then once you get calm down than they can lay out a plan that get you fixed physically , emotionally and chemically and that’s really ultimately the goal than anyone at SAFE CARE DOCS is going to be doing with you.

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