Should I see an Attorney before a Doctor after an accident?

After an accident who should I see first – attorney or doctor?


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Another great question I get, I know it’s great question but it’s a common question. It says, Should i see an attorney before i see my doctor?
Now this is definitely a personal preference but i’m gonna ask you this. If you are on a jury and the announcer is saying well, Who’s the first person you called after the car accident and if the person answer; well i called my attorney first rather then my doctor then they may be some level of pre judgement that somebody may have been in this more for the money in the case rather than for their health. So, i use to always recommend that you get checked by your doctor first and here the other reason, why? Let’s say that you want to have a conversation with an attorney and he wants to know well, what exactly wrong with you? He’s not qualified as an attorney to tell you what your injuries are? But once you finished your visit with one of the SAFECARE DOC clinics. You gonna be very aware of what your injuries are ? what’s your clear pen looks like? And that there is gonna be any specialist that you may need see in addition to your primary care doctor. That’s pretty powerful information. So, my recommendation is to always get checked immediately after an accident. The sooner as you can get checked after an accident the easier it is to differentiate new injuries from old injuries.

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