My car wasn’t damaged after the accident … I should be OK too right?

My car wasn’t damaged after the accident … I should be OK too right?


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A question that I get a lot is, what if my car doesn’t have any damage to it, or my car just had a scratch to it, does that mean that there is impossible for me to be injured. Now about twenty five years ago that was the case, a lot of the insurance companies used old data from the cars that weighed two thousand and three thousand pounds and when they hit each other, they smashed each other. Today cars are different; today cars have a different level of technology and they’re lighter. They’re more designed to bounce off of each other. They’re more designed to go for the shell to break off so they don’t actually absorb as much of the impact as cars did let’s say twenty five years ago. Today’s cars are more designed, like I said, to bounce off each other. So when cars bounces off each other, it’s kind of picture two milk jugs or two super bowls hitting each other, they bounce off very quickly. They react at the same speeds and that can actually cause acceleration after the accident. So in today’s world, in this modern world and today’s modern technology a lot of cars literally bounce off each other in the accident to minimize the cost to repair the car. With that little spring, a little slingshot effect, that we see after the impact, can cause tremendous damage to the surface spine of the neck and cause tremendous damage to the ribs and cause tremendous damage to the hips and low back. So even though your car may not have a whole lot of damage to it, it is still very critical to get checked to go through some of our Safe Care Docs specific protocols that we have to find hidden injuries. And a lot of times we see sprain strains, and even this problem, where the car had less than one hundred dollars’ worth of damage or the impact was less than eight miles an hour.

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