What is the process like to call Safe Care Docs after a car accident?

What is the process like to call Safe Care Docs after a car accident?


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A lot of people want to know what it’s like to call Safe Care Docs. I’m going to talk exactly the way the process is. So it’s as simple as just a call 407, get checked or you can go to the website. But it’s really simple just a call 407, get checked and you going to be prompted; it’s going to ask you what is your close as a code and is going to automatically route you to the closest secured US clinic near you. We’ve made this unbelievably convenient. So we have clinics all over central Florida. Once that call gets passed through, it is going to go directly to the doctor’s office and you just let them know you met a car accident. You call the Safe Care Docs number and you just want to get checked. So, we get you in as quick as possible. Using we get appointments within the same day but we try to get almost everybody in within twenty four hours because we know how critical it is, to get checked immediately after an accident. And on your visits it’s simple; you come in, you fill a little bit of paper workout, we do need to see your driver’s license and a copy of your auto insurance card. The doctor will sit down with you, get a history of the accident, run through some simple test, do a couple of these specific procedures that we do to look for hidden injuries, checks and range of motion, and then basically going to take all that information and sit down with you again and tell you everything that they found. And in that consultation what the doctor is basing to say is this is what’s from the accident, this is old, this is what the treatment protocols for this, this is how long it takes and then we’re going to submit this to your insurance carrier and they’re going accept it or they’re going to deny it. Once we lay this whole thing out, and once you have the evaluation and you’re within fourteen days, we very rarely ever have any problems from insurance carrier. Now if you do decide to get an attorney, then the attorney wants to see the same information and you just let the doctors know when they’ll make sure they get in contact with your attorney and they’ll give him all the information as far as what the injury is what injuries are expert opinion is going to say is these injuries or from the accident and then we’ll write a report and give that to him. It’s very simple. Most people love the treatment, most people cannot believe how simple it was.

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