Does the car accident medical treatment hurt?

Does the car accident medical treatment hurt?


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Does the treatment hurt. This is a question that obviously everybody wants to know so nobody likes pain and nobody likes suffering and nobody likes to waste their time doing something that is not going to be effective. So I just want to be clear with, all of the Safe Care Docs clinics, all the treatments are based on objective documentation, and objective peer reviewed research on how we figure the injuries out. And then we use that objective data to put a care plan together. You know the cure doesn’t hurt. Now sometimes when you have inflammation in a joint, it is a little sensitive to the touch but every one of our clinicians have been trained that if they feel, sense, or apprehension on the patient that we pull back, there’s no benefit causing you pain during the treatment. There’s no pain no gain type of mentality when it comes to correcting structural problems caused by car accidents or causing soft tissue tears caused by car accidents. There is a little discomfort, sometimes when it comes to stressing the joint but if not, it should not and doesn’t have to get to the point of pain. So all of our clinicians are trained highly on how to assess you and how to treat you without pain and if you ever have pain that let’s say goes above four or five on a ten pain scale then you need to let your clinician know because at that point then we come up with an alternative or just pull the treatment back a little bit until you heal up more to move on from there. Most patients during the treatment care plan, when we do follow surveys to see what their level of satisfaction is, where we’re almost at a 99.9% satisfaction rating from clients and patients who’ve been through our programs. They just said that they actually felt like they were in better shape after their care and just look forward to the treatments because the treatments are actually so relieving.

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