The Hospital released me after an accident…. I am ok right?

Released from hospital after an accident injury


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Alright, so another question that we get almost any doctor who’s in private practice always gets this is i’ve been into the hospital and they released me so i guess i am O.K. I just know this, our hospitals and ER physician probably some of the best physician on the planet but you have to realize what their job is? Their job is to make sure that when you going to that hospital, that you going to live……. ?

So what they are checking on you is:
Have you broken any bones?
Do you need anything set?
Do you have any internal injuries that you gonna bleed out that night?
Do they need to send you for emergency surgery?

What do they need to do to tree out you, which is basically an emergency situations medically. So, they may do X-rays, they may do MRI’s, CT scans and they will look for life threading injuries and then got we have them. A Lot of time what i would say probably close to 70% of patients that we see who had been to the hospital. Do not have life threading injuries. As a matter of fact sometimes after people go to the hospital and they have that false sense of O.K that i am gonna be O.K or a false sense of that there are no problems there that they just continue to go with their life or they continue to have negotiations with insurance carriers or an insurance agent and then they wanna selling the case with the hidden injuries actually still being within them. So, like i said the hospital there to detect life threading situations and got forget to something have life threading the hospital there to heal, handle and deal with all that. But you really need to be check by somebody who is a specialist in car accidents or be checked by someone who is a specialist in a soft tissue injuries in particular because have a specific criteria that we look for. You’ve heard some of other podcast here what we have talked about earlier for symmetry and measure emotions. We’re looking for pain in certain areas there are specific test that we do to basically find hidden injuries or areas where this function that you would normally pick up. This body is an amazing piece of machinery. If you have a deficiency in one area the body is gonna hide it, the body is gonna make it so you can still function normally so you can sit, stand, run, move , walk, work. The body is still gonna make it so that you can function but we wanna look for things that more than just your ability to function. We don’t want you just to survive, we want you to thrive so look for area in the body that have deficiency and all the SAFE CARE DOCS are trained to find the areas of problems. Once we detect that you do have a deficiency the we put you on a specific course of treatment to take that deficiency and improve that area and then re-test it again to make sure that you backed to function where you were before the accident. You would also need to know this, is that your insurance carriers only responsible for the injuries from the car accident. They are not responsible for something happened 20 years ago. So its very critical that you get to an expert in auto injuries who knows how to define, document, treat and then also measure your progress and those areas of the injuries from the car accident. The insurance carrier can’t deny the claim and it could also hurt you if you do …………. You have to go to the trial or you do have to get an attorney, you do gonna be working with the specialist who can specifically and objectively find the injured area, show it and then share what the progress is or show if there is lack of progress.

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