How much will this medical service cost? Is it covered by insurance?

How much will this medical service cost? Is it covered by insurance?


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A question a lot of people have is, how much is this going to cost me? Is my insurance going to cover this? So the way Florida law works, is this that we have, what’s called Pip insurance. It’s called personal injury protection insurance. And the law states that you have to have ten thousand dollars with a medical coverage in Florida so that usually covers most of your auto injuries. Now they also have another law that says that you need to be checked within fourteen days of the day to the accident by a physician or else all those benefits go away. Now as far as what insurance covers is very specific, they’re only liable to cover the injuries from the accident which makes it very critical, number one, to get to a doctor on time. And it’s also very critical that you do go to one of the Safe Care Docs clinics because there are specific tests that you’re going to want your doctor to do, to be able to objectively show whether this injury was caused by this accident. And once you have those three factors in place; getting checked early, getting checked efficiently and getting checked professionally and then being put on a care plan based on what those findings were, then the insurance covers eighty to one hundred percent of your medical coverage.

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