How long will the recovery time be after a car accident?

How long will the recovery time be after a car accident?


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What’s the healing time? A lot of patients want to know before they start, how long can I expect my recovery to be. Now there’s plenty of research out this for a soft tissue injury which basically means where is the ligament the muscle or in the soft tissue connecting the bone together. If there’s any damage to those areas, then the medicine and sports science and exercise journals all basically agree it can take about up to twelve months for those areas to heal. Now on average for a whiplash injury or soft tissue injury to the neck, spine magazine and journal to be rate that on a seven month healing time. Now most people who’ve been in a car accident, most of you heard dealing with these soft tissue injuries, feel significantly better in the first six weeks of care. So that’s important to understand. It’s that even though most patients start to feel significantly better at least fifty to sixty percent better in the first six weeks, it’s still important to finish out the treatment plan because these soft tissue injuries need to be corrected. It’s like braces on a teeth. Even though you don’t feel the pain, you still gently want to mold those teeth back to the proper position. It’s the same thing that we do want correcting the spine or put the curb back and neck or dealing with soft tissue and use that deal with pinching off the nerves or disc problems. A long treatment care plan can be up to about two years and most of those types of treatment plans are going to include either some type of a pinched nerve or some type of a disc injury or in a severe whiplash case or a soft tissue injury and multiple years can take up to two years. So again, like I said in most of the podcast, it’s extremely important to get an early diagnosis of how bad the injuries are, where they are and then put together a cheer and plan that can show progress or show areas that are progressing slowly.

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