What happens if I don’t GET CHECKED after a car accident?

Get Checked after a Car accident


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Another common question that we get is what exactly can happens to me if i don’t GET CHECKED. What exactly can happens to me if i was in a car accident and things just simply heal on their own and in a lot of cases that actually is what happens is that the body is pretty amazing piece of equipment that will heal itself. The challenges is going to heal itself to keep you functional and after something like a car accident what actually happens to your severed spine is the lower part goes backward and the top part goes forward and that in itself restricts motion in the neck even that you might feel nervous and feel pain it will usually show up is some level of restriction. So what we recommend the people who have been in a car accident, A very quick and easy test for yourself to do is to look in the mirror and turn your head all the way to the left and then all the way to the right and see if you have symmetry, symmetry means that it is the same on the both sides and watch you look and see if there is any area which is not moving same from one side to another and that usually indicates that there is some level of problem with the joint and the next thing you do is to put your head forward and then put it backward and again look for a symmetry see if there is any pain or just nice flow and movement, If anything of those arranges and motions cause discomfort or you don’t see symmetry in that area then that usually indicates that the joint somewhere the spine have a problem.

And then with Safecare Docs what we look for is part of our protocol is to check for injuries or hidden injuries to look for that area where the joints are not moving correctly and just do some simple diagnostic tests to measure the space between joints and that is usually what we diagnose that the pain or sprain, you may have heard the word “whiplash injury”, What technically, what that is? Is an area the joint has been stretch passed a normal limit and then its snaps back in but it’s still has a little trauma to that area that needs to be corrected.

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