Should I contact my family physician?

After an accident should I contact my family physician?


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Another common question I get is this, Do I need to see my family doctor? Do I need to see a surgeon? Now i always recommend you definitely want to let your family doctor your primary care physician that you were in a car accident and that you are seeing a specialist. Now when you come to one of the SAFECARE DOC’S clinic, all of our clinics have relationships in the networks that we work with orthopedic surgeons, neurologist, pediatric nerve surgeons and we work with physiatrist, we work with all kind of different specialist, physiologists, physiatrist we have a very broad network of specialists. What we recommend though is that you do come into one of that clinic for the initial assessment, Now this is critical because the initial assessment like I have said in my previous podcast is that we are looking for specific areas of injuries, hidden injuries or specific areas of deficiencies, Now if you sometimes just go straight to the surgeon, The surgeon can look at you and say you are not a surgeon candidate and then you may have a false sense of O.K I am alright and when you come through SAFECARE DOCS Protocol what we are looking for is let’s find structure and functional problems first and if they need surgery or they look like they may be possible surgery candidate then we will get you to the right surgeon to take a look of that area, This way we take all the stress out of your hands so you don’t have to try to research to figure out what type of doctor you need to see or which type of specialist is best for this. Do the initial assessment and we work with you and we have a conversation with you, We make a decision together about what your next best step is.

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