Why won’t my primary physician see me after an accident?

Why won’t my primary physician see me after an accident?


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Your normal physician, your primary physician might not want to see you back after a car accident, and you may want to know why and the answer is simple. Actually there’s a twofold answer to that. Number one, it’s a different level of requirement and a different protocol that we have to go through, when we deal with auto insurance and a lot of your primary doctor’s deal made mostly with what’s called major medical and to deal with PIP insurance it’s a whole different animal per se than dealing with major medical, So, a lot of your primary doctors or your personal physicians don’t even want to deal with that. The second one is that it is a different level of specialty. So your family doctor, your primary doctor is an excellent doctor but most of the Safe Care Docs physicians have spent an extra six to seven years training for soft tissue injury specialty. So your primary care physician may not be a specialist in that area and just knows it’s better to refer you out to somebody who is a specialist. And at the end of your care plan just give him a report and then you come back to him as a general patient but during the time there, during the time of the accident, they want you seeing a specialist is why a lot of primary care physicians referred directly into the secure docs network.

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